Travers Zigalghi, South Urals, Russia.


The mountain ridge Zigalghi is situated between the settlements Tuluk and Upper Katav. The described rout is accessible for tourist groups with the minimal experience in travels. The trip is without categories as to its stretch. The way does by lengthy sites at the altitude of about 1000 m with a wide view of the surrounding ridges. The recommended periodicals is April, May. In summer time the ascension is less rational due to the absence of water in cliff parts. In summer time another variant is possible between seasons there is a lot of snow here, that is why there will be no problem with water supply here. The snow density in this season is rather unstable and we recommend to use snow boots for better mastering. The avalanche is practically nothing, because the snow is scattered between rollers. To get to the destination is through the settlement Satka by bus going to Tuluk. 11 km before it you must get off the bus the place where the bus route comes closest to the Zigalga. Now it's necessary to find out the azimuth to the ridge rollers as the route will go through the forest without paths. After the altitude gaining we go to the open cliff space where it is far better to find the way. It is better to traverse along the south-eastern slope because there is less snow there and the moving of the group to the first place (1270 m) of the ridge is about 35 degrees. The ascension goes by rollers of the northern-eastern exposition. The railing technique is not of extreme importance. The further way the altitude of 1200 m goes along the mountain Poperechnaya (1389 m) in south-eastern direction. The peak gives a brilliant view of the countryside. The middle part of the ridge has a certain declension with less cliff space and remains. Besides, there are a lot of dry wood stores and cosy places for picnics. The second part of the route includes four peaks with the ultimate point in Big Shelom. This peak is a plato with cliff remains in south-west. The declension from the ridge goes along the river Katav and is more rational in its shortest variant in south-western direction. The further way to the settle. Katav goes along dense unfertile lands. The length of the travel route takes 56 km all in all. It is noteworthy to mention that the group, planning to traverse the ridge in autumn period must be well trained and well-equippedas snowstorms are a frequnt phenomenon. If you want, we can arrange your trip to that place. Call us: Sergey Aysin, Master of sports in mountaineering. , Post address is Sergey Aysin Ufa-01, Russia, 450001.